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In their quest to bring competitive, winning products to marketplace, organizations today are increasingly supplementing their product development teams by integrating partners to leverage either cost advantages, specialized expertise, or both. An organization may choose to outsource to not only augment its variable capacity with lower cost structure resources but also to contract specialized expertise not available in-house. These new dynamics are transforming the industry and the conventional notion of organizational boundaries. 

These changing boundaries allow access to new expertise and resources on demand but they also cause challenges such as higher coordination costs and increased lead time. As a result, today, most product development efforts mandate that product teams develop an execution strategy for the design, analysis, manufacturing, service, launch of products that optimizes key corporate goals such as lead time reduction, costs reduction, market share growth, revenue growth, etc. 

Our Approach
pdmOffice not only recognizes the changing boundaries but offers you a solution which helps you thrive in the wake of these changing industry dynamics without disrupting your current business processes.  pdmOffice offers a framework in which you can analyze the impact of relevant forces on your organization's ability to deliver profitable products on time.  The cornerstone of our distributed, net-centric framework is its ability to not only  effectively share complex product design information but also enable asynchronous collaboration among peers across any organizational, logistical, or geographical boundaries.

pdmOffice offers an affordable Design Collaboration framework that offers several compelling benefits to a product design professional and organizations by reducing the typical overhead associated with design and design-related activities.

  • Mechanical Design Automation - supports all leading market CAD solutions
  • Electronic Design Automation - Cadence, Synopsis, Mentor
  • Effective Project Management Solution with one-click status entry and scheduling update

  • Native peer-to-peer information sharing

  • Document versioning and control

  • Absolute control over your intellectual property

  • Attribute-based search capability across product, project, and documents


pdmOffice was founded by a group of seasoned professionals with strong track records at leading companies in Product Data Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Computer-Aided Design sectors. With extensive experience in the discrete manufacturing sector, the founding team brings to pdmOffice invaluable insights from prior successful entrepreneurial ventures.



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