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Who is using pdmOffice?

User Testimonials

pdmOffice is connecting users across the world!

Engineers, Purchasing Managers, and Suppliers from a number of innovative and leading companies have signed up with pdmOffice. Some are listed below:
  • Ayala Research
  • Technology Promotion International
  • Realtech CAD
  • Technetronics
  • Loadstar Sensors
  • Logitech
  • Free Tech Plastics
  • Labtronix
  • Siemens Corporation







"I am amazed at how simple pdmOffice is to use"

"Nothing beats one-click sharing  of CAD models"

"pdmOffice gives me complete control of my projects and tasks...With Project Management and Design Conferencing, your solution has doubled my productivity."

"$65/month for document sharing, project management, and Design Conferencing.... this gotta be the deal of the century!"

"Having used those PDM systems and engineering software.. pdmOffice is refreshingly easy ..even my mom could use it"

"Good Lord.. I knew somebody would listen.  I was so sick of baby-sitting my CAD systems.  Upgrades, Versions, Service Packs...go to hell!"

"I love the flexibility.. I can suspend my subscription any time..No questions asked"
















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