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Design Conferencing with pdmOffice Web Meetings

pdmOffice Meetings offers design conferencing functionality which can be used by pdmOffice users to host and attend meetings on the web to help reduce your project cycle time and travel costs.  In addition to the high-quality conferencing functionality and single-click meeting management, some key characteristics of this functionality are:


  • Firewalls were designed to keep the intruders out not you.  With pdmOffice you don't have to worry about firewalls anymore. You can connect, start and attend meetings with a single click.

  • Picture perfect -- you and your attendees always see the "good" picture without worrying about the resolution of host or attendee machines

  • What's my IP? -- No need to track your or anybody else's IP address. pdmOffice takes care of it

  • Oops,  different computer again? No problem, pdmOffice automatically downloads Java run time env (JRE) so you can seamlessly conduct web-meetings

  • Support for one-click archiving makes the pdmOffice Meeting Center ideal for you to create and share Design sessions and engineering design activities to help share your expertise with your clients and peers.

  • Supported on not just Microsoft Windows-based platform but also Linux, Apple/Macintosh, and most UNIX platforms

  • pdmOffice neither requires nor installs  any software/ActiveX control on your desktop in line with even the most stringent corporate guidelines.


pdmOffice Web Meetings support two kinds of web-meetings: Design Conferencing and Text Chat

Design Conferencing

Web-conferencing feature allows you to share your screen, design data, and CAD tools with one or many attendees on the Internet.  You can create a web-meeting at a pre-determined time or on demand (meet now). You can invite attendees from your project member list or RFQ member list, who will then see the new meeting appear as part of their "My Meetings" list.  You can also invite attendees who do not have a pdmOffice account by simply specifying their email id's.  An email invite for the meeting is sent to these attendees with the meeting URL. You can invite any number of attendees (some restrictions may apply based on your subscription type). A key feature of pdmOffice design conferencing is that all your meetings can be automatically archived with the single click of your mouse.


      (Click to enlarge)


Text Chat

Text chat is an effective way for users of a project or RFQ to carry out extensive discussion related to a project issue, product design item, or RFQ and maintain a log of each discussion.  You can invite any number of attendees to participate in a text chat.  All information in this text chat (a java applet window) is captured and made available to you as part of the Meeting archive. Notifications related to any member joining or leaving the chat session are sent to applet window for each attendee

      (Click to enlarge)

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