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Request For Quote (RFQ) Desk

pdmOffice RFQ Desk allows product OEM's and their peers to streamline the outsourced engineering services projects. It allows you to expedite design sourcing and manage all activities during the design sourcing process for custom manufactured parts.

OEM or Product Companies

  • One-click creation of projects
  • Add documents (MS Word, MS Excel, CAD models, BOM)
  • Specify attributes including cost, due date, technical data (stress, material, or manhattan distance)
  • Share sourcing RFQ's with  your connections so they can put you in touch with the people they trust will do the job
  • Invite your prospective vendor with simply their email id's
  • Protect your intellectual property by requiring invitees to agree to your confidentiality agreement
  • Track responses (or Quotes) from vendors in separately created projects

Engineering Services and Design Professionals

  • Publish your Profile and skillset keywords that represent you so customers can discover you when looking for expertise matching your skillset.
  • Categorize your skillset, create one project per category, and showcase your design portfolio
  • Invite your prospective customers to view your design portfolio
  • Forward your Requests to people in your network so they can forward it to prospects who may be looking for the expertise you have
  • Manage responses to requests both your and your customer's

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