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 Project Desk
For too long, engineers and their product design have been tracked using generalized Project Management tools that have zero awareness for the specific needs that arise in the context of product design and engineering services.  We believe it is time for this to change.  pdmOffice Project Desk provides a one-click project management functionality that allows team members to update status, revise documents, add notes, and view comments, all with the touch of a button.

The result is:

  • Accurate project schedule and status visibility.
  • One-click updates by team members
  • Controlled Project execution
  • On-time and under-cost deliverables
  • A more efficient organization
  • Task creation and tracking with integration with MS Outlook for Task exports.
  • Notepad for project related discussions
  • Project-based document management system with version control, visibility control, etc. to manage your Marketing Requirements and Specifications, MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Word documents.
  • Graphical view of the project schedule and any product related tasks

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 Project Desk Features
  • Product-centric project management
  • Easy to use tabular view for all your projects
  • Supports versioning of documents
  • Easy to view and retrieve versions
  • Notes view keeps team members in sync.
  • Control visibility of products and projects
  • Create projects on a per client basis
  • Invite members by specifying their emails.
  • No downloads required login with a web-browser
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