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Document Center

pdmOffice Document Center allows you to seamlessly manage your documents related to your projects and products such as project specifications, statement of work, design specifications, drawing and native EDA and MDA models, and even MS Outlook messages and appointments. In keeping with the distributed paradigm, you can classify documents as Public, Shared, or Private. You can also invite users with an email address to join in. Easy-to-use permission control allows you to let peers make modifications and collaborate.

pdmOffice Document Center also allows you to manage your Documents unrelated to any projects or products and is a great way to get started with pdmOffice. You can share the documents in pdmOffice with your peers by simply specifying their email address.

 Document Management Features
  • Product-centric project management
  • Classify documents as Public, Shared, or Private
  • Specify which of your peers get to see your Shared documents
  • Supports Versioning
  • Easy to view and retrieve versions
  • Easy-to-use icons for history, document type and permissions, etc.
  • No downloads required login with a web-browser

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