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Overview High-Tech Medical Devices Automotive Industrial Equipment
High-Tech Manufacturing

In this sector, the challenges caused by strong time-to-market pressures, short shelf-life, cost competitiveness, and technology complexity are certainly very demanding.  In addition, products that are high volume contain a large number of components pose information management challenges to design professionals that can hurt the organization's ability to profitably compete in the marketplace. pdmOffice offers its Design Collaboration framework to help professionals who often find themselves either in the process of authoring new design content or reviewing that created by their peers.

pdmOffice framework is uniquely designed for professionals in the Electronic Design Automation sector carrying out projects specific to Board Design Layout and Schematic, Embedded Software, and ASIC.

To help in execution of these types of projects, pdmOffice offers the following capabilities:

  • Ability to categorize parts and track lead time and costs.
  • Support for your electronic components
  • Support for Approved Manufacturers list
  • automatically import Bill of Material (BOM) from most leading EDA tools.
  • Change requests and control through ECO and ECR
  • Seamlessly combine different types of design content (EDA, MDA, software, and firmware)
  • Native support for applications that you currently use to author and analyze your design content
  • One click sharing of your design content with partner with an email address
  • Direct data-feeds providing current information of your supplier part and components

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