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How does pdmOffice help me?

pdmOffice is an the next generation design collaboration solution for you. pdmOffice offers you several benefits:

  • Prevent the problems associated with sharing large documents

  • Stop other people from claiming your work as their own

  • Don't lose sleep over tracking your project deadlines

  • Access your key data from anywhere on the internet with a browser

  • Cut design time by using off-the-shelf CAD components

Target Constituents

  • CAD Designer (MCAD, EDA, PCB)
  • Analysis Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Other team members such as manufacturing personnel and clients


Features & functionality

pdmOffice is an affordable Design Collaboration system that offers several compelling benefits to a design professional and design organizations by reducing the typical overhead associated with design and design-related activities.

  • Manage mechanical & electronic data (drawings & design)
  • Associates analysis input and result files
  • Automated project mgmt and report generation features
  • One-touch wizard for publishing drawing and design to clients
  • Supports highest quality drawings in the industry
  • Project visibility per client
  • 100% web-based no download required
  • Archives Microsoft outlook messages and contacts
  • Unlimited, inexpensive archiving with easy search mechanism
  • Reduced ECO cycle time


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